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SUNDANCE is a popular Variety band which consists of five excellent musicians and singers based in San Diego, CA. SUNDANCE is a unique group of talented, full-time, professional musicians who create a wide variety of sounds and styles of music emphasizing lush harmonies and featuring each member in turn on lead vocals. Their repertoire covers Country both old and new, Classic Rock, the American Songbook (Standards), Oldies, Pop, Blues and even a little Jazz and Funk . Jumping from one style to the next effortlessly keeps the entertainment value at an all time high.

SUNDANCE band prides themselves on selecting music that people are able to dance to… from couples dances (two-step, foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba, samba, waltz etc.) and line dances, to swing and rock 'n' roll (they even learned a couple of tangos by request). But they are just as comfortable playing to a concert-style seated audience where musicianship, talent and song selection for sheer enjoyment of music are at a premium.

Versatility is also a highpoint of this organization. One of the unique features of SUNDANCE is that they can spin off into a trio format tailoring to budget and volume considerations specific to your particular needs. The trio consists of three identifiably different lead vocalists who convincingly cover a wide variety of styles while creating a sound greater than the sum of their parts.

In the trio ensemble, front person Linda switches to the electric drums keeping the bands decibels to a minimum without sacrificing musical quality. Also, Dennis leaves the bass behind and applies his bass chops to his rhythm guitar playing combining the two instruments into one. This economizes the live three-piece into the sound of something larger without sacrificing the spontaneity of genuine live music. No pre-recorded sequencers, karaoke or drum machines are utilized. With Barry on the lead and rhythm guitar, this is an unforgettable instrumental and vocal lineup.

Whether you choose the three-piece or five-piece band, SUNDANCE is sure to please.

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Phone: 760/749-1898 or: 619/339-1656
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