About Sundance

The musicians that make up the core of Sundance Band have all played in San Diego and other parts of the country for many years.

Dennis Robinson (Rhythm/Bass Guitar) and Barry Amundsen (Lead Guitar) first met in 1992, when they were both members of the Shadowriders, a prominent and popular Country band based in San Diego in the 90's.

After Shadowriders, Dennis went on to play with another very successful band named Cactus for many years.

It was in late 2000 while Linda Amundsen (Drums) was singing with an East County Band named Smith & Western, that she met Dennis. The two of them became friends with similar musical interests.

Although they both went on to different bands, (Dennis to Coyote Moon and Linda to Linda Rae and Breakheart Pass), their friendship continued and grew.

Linda explains, "Music was a big part of our friendship - we enjoyed playing and singing together and looked forward to learning new and different songs outside of what we were performing in the Country bands that we were part of. It was at that time that I realized Dennis was a VERY talented Rhythm Guitar player."

The two of them began playing and singing together at the beach or for friends here and there and developed quite a repertoire. "We enjoyed it so much that in 2002 we began booking ourselves as a duo, under the name, Common Ground", says Linda.

It was at this time that Dennis introduced Linda to Barry who was now Lead Guitar player for the country band, Nitro Express. The Three of them became good friends. Before long he was invited to sit in with Linda and Dennis at one of their "Common Ground" gigs.

Linda recalls, "The first time he played with us, things just clicked and about the time he was exiting his other band, we began including him as a full member. The three of us were creating something very special every time we played. I found us all to be talented musicians and fantastic vocalists where the pleasure of making music is placed ahead of other concerns. You don't find that with every band you are part of.

From the looks on the faces of their audiences, I think they agree that Sundance band is one of San Diego's best.


Phone: 760/749-1898 or: 619/339-1656

E-mail: Sundanceband@ymail.com