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July 2016          Dear Linda,
I couldn't be happier with your performance at my husband's 75th Birthday Party. You made our party a success. Our entire family agrees with me. As you well know the ages were from 75 down to 2 1/2 and you were able to please each and every one of them with your wide array of music.
The three of you were so great with the kids too - letting our grandson drum, our granddaughter sing & join in. I loved that our family even cheered for you while you were playing soft dinner music.
You said it would be wonderful and it was.
They all said this was the "best party ever".
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Linda. The three of you are not only good musicians, but great people as well.
If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to call me. You have my info.
Warmest regards,
Joanne E.

Linda says: "This was sent to me from one of our clients. We did their holiday party last night. I had written to her to thank her for hiring us and she wrote this back---"

From:    Diane D. --- STRAM Corporation
You beat me to the punch! I wanted to tell you how fantastic you were last night.
You were the talk of breakfast this morning. Everyone thought you were wonderful and had a terrific time at the party.
We even had some party crashers come in and dance because they thought the music was great. They also took a business card as did several other people. I am sure you will be getting more gigs because you're THAT good! Thank you again for the wonderful time.

August 18, 2013
From:    Dave &Irene and Jerry& Darlene
Had a great time dancing to good old rock and roll last night at Pauma Casino. Sundance Band is one of the best bands I heard in a long time. The band can play anything you like. The vocals are the best.
Will follow this band. If you want to have a good time, check it out. See you soon....!

From:  Maryann H
Hi Linda,What fun I had tonight.
We would like to come to Oakmont New Years Eve if you can arrange it. If people have to pay we can do that.

November 14,2015
From:  Aprille K.
One of the very best live band performances I have ever heard occurred at the Renegade last night. Every member of the Sundance Band are supreme entertainers. The band members are not just members of the band but vocalist on their on accord. Love the harmony of the duets of Dennis Robinson and Linda Amundsen, who are equally good as soloist. Love dancing to and listening to this band, Two thumbs UP!

Linda says: "Yesterday at our show we received this lovely card accompanying a gift of drawings from her students in the form of blank greeting cards. Her father had recently passed away and she wanted us to know the impression we had made on him. We three are honored and blessed to have made such an impact on her father's life.---"

From:   Jan O.
Dear Linda, Barry and Dennis,
Thanks to you, my Dad Jerry Wickland had one of his best weeks of his life April 20th - 25th.
His smile lit up the room. He was beaming because of your music. He even puckered up when Linda came by. She gave him a kiss! He'd spent Easter with most of his family and I'd scheduled a massage on April 18th which he LOVED!
Thank you for the miracle of your music! You made him happy.
Jan O.

From:  Gloria K.
Hi Sundance Band,
Well guys, we really enjoyed your music and interest in our group.
Thanks for such good entertainment.
Gloria K.
Westminster Presb Church

From:  Tom Woodrum
We really enjoyed your music at Dancing Partners this past week at the San Diego women's club.
I am planning a birthday party for my wife at our home in Bonita on July 19 and would like to discuss having you play for us. Could you please let me know if you are available and what your rates would be for 3 -4 hours? We're looking for a mix of 50s-60s rock and roll as well as some of the music you played at Dancing Partners.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Tom W.
Dancing Partners Dance Club

From:   Liza
Thank you,
You play beautifully. Soft and smooth.
Perfect for the dinner time.
Coronado Cays Yacht Club

From:  Corinne R.
Thank you very much for the beautiful music you provided to the Vista Elks Friday night, August 7th.
I enjoyed your music very much.
It was a pleasure to meet you. We had talked about possibly having the opportunity for me to sing a song with you and your band; It would have been an honor to sing with you.
Thank you, Linda. I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Corinne R.

Sep 8, 2015
From:  Virginia D.
Thanks for your beautiful music yesterday at the Chateau in LaJolla. Very pleasant and delightful! Relaxing! We really enjoyed your performance.

From:  Michele C.
Linda - the party was a smashing success and you guys were terrific. I got many requests to have some of our monthly dances turned into Western dances. I am all booked up this year, but beginning next year, we have a dance on the last Saturday of every month (January-October) from 7:30-9:00pm. They like a 90 minute straight-through dance without breaks. My budget for each event is XXX. Is this something you would be interested in doing once or twice?
Michele C.
La Costa Glen

From:  Odette E
Loved dancing to your music last nght at the Ocean Hills Golf Club party!
Tried to get you schedule for July and August and could not move the calendar.Would you be kind enough to send it to me?
Thank you. We look forward to dancing to your music again.
Odette E
Ocean Hills Country Club

Mar 29, 2015
From:  Lynda B.
Hi, Linda!
A big thank you to you all the members of the Sundance Band!
Thank you for allowing me to sing with you. Thank you for your patience with me.
Hope to see you next season as well!
Lynda B.
De Anza Country Club

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